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Paper: A Survey of Software for the Manipulation and Visualization of 3-D Sub-mm Spectral Line Datasets
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 143
Authors: Leech, J.; Tenness, T.J.
Abstract: 3-dimensional spectral line datasets are the end products of observations from single-dish telescopes and interferometers using widely differing instrument technologies over a broad wavelength range. Consequently, a range of software packages exist for the data reduction, analysis and visualization of such 3-D data sets. These packages vary greatly in scope, generality, age, maturity and the availability of support and further development effort. Here we survey a range of relevant software packages emphasising packages suitable for the handling of submillimetre data sets generated by sub-mm focal plane arrays such as HARP/ACSIS on the JCMT. The conclusions are broadly relevant to future software development and re-use for a wide variety of astronomical instruments and wavelength regimes.
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