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Paper: An Asteroseismological Study of the Rapidly Pulsating Subdwarf B Star PG 0911+456
Volume: 392, Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 309
Authors: Randall, S.K.; Green, E.M.; Van Grootel, V.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Charpinet, S.
Abstract: We present the analysis and interpretation of 57 hours of time- series photometry obtained with the new Mont4kccd on Mt. Bigelow, Arizona, for the rapidly pulsating sdB star PG 0911+456. Thanks to the impressively high S/N of the data we were able to extract 7 independent periodicities in the 140-200 s range with amplitudes down to 0.05 % of the mean stellar brightness. On the basis of these we performed an asteroseismological search for the optimal model and derived the star’s fundamental parameters. Given that there are now 12 sdB stars for which asteroseismology has been performed, the results are starting to become significant from a statistical point of view and evolutionary trends are slowly emerging.
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