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Paper: Constraints on Seismic Models of Balloon 090100001 through High-Sensitivity Multicolour Photometry
Volume: 392, Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 297
Authors: Charpinet, S.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Randall, S.K.; Van Grootel, V.; Green, E.M.; Chayer, P.
Abstract: We report on an analysis of high S/N ratio UBV multicolour photometry of the bright pulsating sdB star Balloon 090100001 gathered at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope with the help of the Montreal 3-channel photometer LAPOUNE. Through an application of the color-amplitude method described in Randall et al. (2005), we were able to identify the degree index of several individual pulsation modes. These identifications provide extremely useful constraints on possible seismic models for Balloon 090100001.
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