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Paper: Asteroseismic Solutions for the Two Fast Subdwarf B Pulsators Balloon 090100001 and PG 1336−018
Volume: 392, Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 285
Authors: Charpinet, S.; Van Grootel, V.; Brassard, P.; Fontaine, G.; Green, E.M.; Randall, S.K.; Chaye, P.
Abstract: We present two new asteroseismic studies of the rapid sdB pulsator PG 1336−018 and the hybrid sdB pulsator Balloon (BAL) 090100001. For PG 1336−018, the analysis is based on 25 periods extracted from the white-light photometry of the Xcov17 Whole Earth Telescope campaign (Kilkenny et al. 2003). For BAL 090100001, we use 10 periods of high amplitudes for which constraints on the -index have been derived from high S/N multicolour photometry. From asteroseismology, we estimate important structural parameters for these two stars, including the stellar mass and the H-rich envelope thickness. The analyses presented here are of particular interest since the asteroseismic results can be tested using independent constraints, which confirm the robustness of the solutions in both cases.
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