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Paper: aXedrizzle - Spectral 2D Resampling using Drizzle
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 138
Authors: Kuemmel, M.W.; Walsh, J.R.; Larsen, S.S.; Hook, R.N.
Abstract: The aXe spectral extraction software was designed to extract spectra from slitless grism images such as those taken with the Advanced Camera for Surveys on HST. In aXe version 1.4 we implemented aXedrizzle, a new technique to resample 2D spectra which uses the “traditional” drizzle software. aXedrizzle forms deep 2D spectra by coadding the 2D spectra from the individual, dithered images. This method has several advantages compared to the approach of making the 1D extraction on each image and then coadding the 1D spectra. aXedrizzle is the first implementation of the drizzle code to combine spectral data, and the technique can also be applied in other reduction packages for spectral data.
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