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Paper: Evolutionary and Observational Constraints on PG 1336−018 (NYVir)
Volume: 392, Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 117
Authors: Hu, H.; Vuckovic, M.; Østensen, R.; Nelemans, G.; Aerts, C.; Groot, P.J.
Abstract: We present constraints on the formation of the sdBV+dM eclipsing binary PG 1336−018 derived from a detailed evolutionary study. These are confronted with the orbital solutions permitted by our high-resolution time series VLT/UVES spectra and high-speed multicolour VLT/ULTRACAM photometric observations. We found two orbital solutions (MsdB = 0.466 M and 0.389 M) which are consistent with the sdB primary having gone through a core-He flash and a common-envelope phase described by the α-formalism.
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