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Paper: The HST/ACS Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters: First Results
Volume: 393, New Horizons in Astronomy: Frank N. Bash Symposium 2007
Page: 271
Authors: Siegel, M.; Sarajedini, A.; Chaboyer, B.; Dotter, A.; Majewski, S.; Nidever, D.
Abstract: The HST/ACS Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters has obtained F606W and F814W images of 65 clusters with the Advanced Camera for Surveys. Our scientific programs exploit both the precise ACS photometry and the proper motions derived by combining our data with the HST archives. Our initial photometric results have included: deep photometry of clusters never before surveyed with HST; measurement of differential reddening in the foreground of Palomar 2; precise measurement of the properties of the Sagittarius dSph galaxy and its associated globular clusters; examination of the NGC 1851 cluster; and the derivation of relative ages for our complete sample. The data exceed expectations and are revealing unprecedented detail in globular cluster CMDs.

Future endeavors will explore main sequence luminosity functions, derive absolute ages and measure relative and absolute proper motions. Among our secondary science goals will be a much clearer picture of the chemodynamical history of the Milky Way and a more precise measure of the Galactic potential.

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