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Paper: BUCS: Automating Sample Selection, Volume Density Determinations, and Projection onto Different Image Sets and Redshift Regimes
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 100
Authors: Bouwens, R.J.; Illingworth, G.D.; Magee, D.K.
Abstract: Interpreting today's high-resolution multiwavelength data on galaxies can be a challenging task. Not only do galaxies have complex wavelength-dependent morphologies, but attempts to measure these morphologies with different imaging data are subject to a wide-range of observational issues like beam smearing and differing signal-to-noise. Properly measuring the evolution of galaxy properties across cosmic time demands that these things be treated. It is to this end that we have developed the BUCS software suite (as it came to be known: Bouwens' Universe Construction Set). With this package, it is possible to select complete samples of galaxies off different image sets and then project these objects to higher redshift accounting for pixel k-corrections, cosmic surface brightness dimming, and image specific noise and PSF. The end result of these simulations are no-evolution images that can be directly compared against the observations. This suite is now available to do science and has been used in a large number of refereed publications (including recent studies on z ∼ 6 — 8 samples from the HUDF). Work is also under way to port these capabilities to the web.
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