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Paper: Looking Through a Telescope During the International Year of Astronomy 2009
Volume: 389, EPO and a Changing World: Creating Linkages and Expanding Partnerships
Page: 425
Authors: Fienberg, R.T.; Isbell, D.; Deustua, S.E.
Abstract: The main goal of the U.S. IYA 2009 effort is to offer an engaging astronomy experience to every person in the country. Since the IYA is a celebration of the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s introduction of the telescope to astronomy, the key engaging experience we’ll offer is the opportunity to look through a small telescope at the celestial targets Galileo looked at. Another goal of the U.S. IYA effort is to cultivate sustainable partnerships. In addition to their own programs, local amateur astronomers will set up their scopes at events held by professional organizations, including NASA, universities, observatories, planetariums, and museums of science. The relationships forged during this large-scale collaboration for public outreach in astronomy will continue beyond 2009. Our “telescope amnesty” program will invite people to bring their little-used telescopes to IYA 2009 events, where astronomers will teach them how to use them and offer advice on repairs, improvements, and/or replacements, encouraging more people to stay involved in the hobby.
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