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Paper: Searching for New Earths: Teaching Children How We Seek Distant Planets
Volume: 389, EPO and a Changing World: Creating Linkages and Expanding Partnerships
Page: 389
Authors: Pulliam, C.
Abstract: Teaching science to children ages 8-13 can be a great challenge, especially if you lack the resources for a full-blown audio/visual presentation. How do you hold their attention and get them involved? One method is to teach a topic no one else covers at this educational level: something exciting and up-to-the-minute, at the cutting edge of science. We developed an interactive 45-minute presentation to convey the two basic techniques used to locate planets orbiting other stars. Activities allowed children to hunt for their own planets in simulated data sets. We also stimulated their imagination by giving each child a take-home, multicolored marble “planet” and asking them to discuss their planet’s characteristics. The resulting presentation “Searching for New Earths” could be adapted to a variety of educational settings.
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