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Paper: SpaceScience@Home: Authentic Research Projects that Use Citizen Scientists
Volume: 389, EPO and a Changing World: Creating Linkages and Expanding Partnerships
Page: 219
Authors: Méndez, B.J.H.
Abstract: In recent years, several space science research projects have enlisted the help of large numbers of non-professional volunteers, “citizen scientists”, to aid in performing tasks that are critical to a project, but require more person-time (or computing time) than a small professional research team can practically perform themselves. Examples of such projects include SETI@home, which uses time from volunteers computers to process radio-telescope observation looking for signals originating from extra-terrestrial intelligences; Clickworkers, which asks volunteers to review images of the surface of Mars to identify craters; Spacewatch, which used volunteers to review astronomical telescopic images of the sky to identify streaks made by possible Near Earth Asteroids; and Stardust@home, which asks volunteers to review “focus movies” taken of the Stardust interstellar dust aerogel collector to search for possible impacts from interstellar dust particles. We shall describe these and other similar projects and discuss lessons learned from carrying out such projects, including the educational opportunities they create.
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