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Paper: The Long and the Short of It: Clusters of Galaxies at Low Frequencies and High Energies
Volume: 345, From Clark Lake to the Long Wavelength Array: Bill Erickson's Radio Science
Page: 227
Authors: Clarke, T.E.
Abstract: Recent advances in the sensitivity and resolution of interferometers at long wavelengths have opened up a new window on the lives of radio sources in clusters of galaxies. Combined with recent advances in X-ray observatories, these data have revealed a vast array of complex physics at work in cluster systems. One of the most spectacular results is the profound effect that the central radio sources appear to have on the thermal intracluster medium. This paper presents an overview of some recent results from the study of the radio and X-ray interactions in the cores of several dense cooling flow clusters. In addition to depressions and filaments in the thermal gas which are connected to the active radio galaxy, a number of systems show “ghost cavities” located well beyond the high frequency active radio source. Recent low frequency radio observations of these systems reveals low energy relativistic plasma which appears to connect the central radio source to the outer ghost cavities, possibly through a number of episodic outbursts. The buoyant radio lobes from these outbursts may also provide the seed particles and fields for re-acceleration at merger shocks to produce the diffuse radio relics detected in a number of clusters.
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