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Paper: The Observed MnI 539.47 nm Spectral Line in Three Sunspots of the NOAA 0431 Complex Active Region
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 423
Authors: Vince, O.; Vince, I.
Abstract: The spectra of the MnI 539.47 nm spectral line was observed in three sunspots of the NOAA 0431 active region on a three successive days. The observation was made with the horizontal solar spectrograph at the Heliophysical Observatory of Debrecen, Hungary. The spectra of each sunspot were cropped into several boxes perpendicular to the dispersion axis in such a way to cover their umbra, penumbra and surroundings. The cropped spectra were thereafter reduced and the manganese spectral line parameters (equivalent width, central depth and full width at half of the maximum intensity) were measured. Finally, the variation of the spectral line parameters along the spectrograph slit were determined and analyzed.
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