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Paper: Chapter 51: How to Build a Simple Cone Search Service Using a Local Database
Volume: 382, The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research
Page: 557
Authors: Kent, B.R.; Greene, G.R.
Abstract: The cone search service protocol will be examined from the server side in this chapter. A simple cone search service will be setup and configured locally using MySQL. Data will be read into a table, and the Java JDBC will be used to connect to the database. Readers will understand the VO cone search specification and how to use it to query a database on their local systems and return an XML/VOTable file based on an input of RA/DEC coordinates and a search radius. The cone search in this example will be deployed as a Java servlet. The resulting cone search can be tested with a verification service. This basic setup can be used with other languages and relational databases.
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