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Paper: Three Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Solar Convection on MultiProcessors Supercomputer Systems
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 357
Authors: Ustyugov, S.
Abstract: Three-dimensional large eddy simulations of solar surface convection using realistic model physics is conducted. Thermal structure of convective motions into radiative layers and the range of convection cell sizes is investigated. We simulate a some portion of the solar photosphere and the upper layers of the convection zone, a region extending 18 x 18 Mm horizontally from 0 Mm down to 18 Mm below the visible surface. We solve equations of the fully compressible radiation hydrodynamics with dynamical viscosity and gravity. For numerical simulation we use: 1) realistic initial model of Sun and equation of state and opacities of stellar matter, 2) high order conservative TVD scheme for solution hydrodynamics, 3) diffusion approximation for solution radiative transfer in convective layers of Sun, 4) calculation dynamical viscosity from subgrid scale modeling. Simulations are conducted on horizontal uniform grid of 192 x 192 and with 144 non-uniformly spaced vertical grid points on the 64 processors of supercomputer with distributed memory multiprocessors (two Alpha 21264/667 MHz in node, memory 1 Gb in node, SAN Myrinet to communication, 512 nodes).
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