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Paper: Clustering Evolution of Star-Forming Galaxies from the VVDS/GALEX Survey
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 318
Authors: Meneux, B.; Heinis, S.; Le Fevre, O.; Milliard, B.; Guzzo, L.; Arnouts, S.; Pollo, A.; the VVDS/GALEX team
Abstract: We present in this poster the clustering properties of different type of galaxies selected in optical and ultraviolet in the VVDS-02h field from the VVDS/GALEX survey. When selected in optical, we observe that early-type galaxies have a higher clustering amplitude than late-type ones up to z~1.2. In NUV and FUV, we observe a subsample of the optically selected late-type galaxies which are brighter, with higher stellar masses and more active on average. The clustering amplitude of these UV selected star-forming galaxies is higher.
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