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Paper: Strong Lensing Clusters in the Red-Sequence Cluster Survey 2
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 298
Authors: Gilbank, D.G.; Gladders, M.D.; Yee, H.K.C.; the RCS-2 Collaboration
Abstract: The Red-Sequence Cluster Survey 2 (RCS-2) is a 1000 square degree survey designed to find clusters out to z~1. We present preliminary results from a sample of 27 new strongly-lensed arc candidates discovered in the first quarter of the survey area. As with (the order-of-magnitude smaller) RCS-1, we find a deficit of lensing clusters at lower redshifts, relative to predictions. We also find that the clusters with arcs are not necessarily the most massive systems in the survey, suggesting that properties other than mass have a large effect on lensing cross-section.
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