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Paper: Simulating the Dark Energy Survey
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 285
Authors: Castander, F.J.; the Dark Energy Survey Collaboration
Abstract: The Dark Energy Survey will perform a very large and deep photometric survey of 5000 deg2 in four bands (g, r, i, z), with the aim of producing the first precise characterization of the properties of dark energy using four complementary techniques: the study of clusters of galaxies, galaxy clustering and particularly baryon acoustic oscillations, gravitational lensing and supernovae. For this purpose it is building a new 3 deg2 field of view camera to be placed on the Blanco 4m telescope prime focus. It will use new thick CCDs that are very sensitive in the red allowing an efficient survey in the z band and thus probing to large redshifts, z ~ 1. We are running large simulations at the Mare Nostrum Supercomputer at Barcelona in order to study the constraints we can place on dark energy with the Dark Energy Survey.
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