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Paper: The Solar Flare and CME Induced as a Collision of Two Opposite Polarities on 1997 May 12
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 327
Authors: Bharti, L.; Jain, R.; Joshi, C.; Jaafferey, S.
Abstract: The multispectral observations of active region NOAA 8038 during 10-13 May 1997 are presented. The observations of MDI/SOHO magnetograms show that in this active region continual but discrete growth and decay of magnetic field was taking place indicating either continuous evolution of magnetic flux or emergence of new flux region. The movie of these magnetograms reveal two important results that the major opposite polarities of pre-existing region were approaching towards each other, and a small north polarity flux i.e. moving magnetic feature (MMF) was ejecting out from major north polarity at a quasi-periodicity of about 10 hrs during 10-13 May 1997. It appears that as a result of flux cancellation by one such ejected north polarity flux with a newly emerged south polarity flux around 04:30 UT on 12 May 1997, a moderate but long enduring 1B/C1.3 solar flare. The observation in Hα is presented in detail.
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