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Paper: Reflections of Cluster Assembly in the Stellar Populations and Dynamics of Member Galaxies
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 243
Authors: Moran, S.M.; Ellis, R.S.; Treu, T.; Smith, G.P.
Abstract: We combine optical (HST) and UV (GALEX) imaging of two intermediate redshift galaxy clusters with spectroscopy of member galaxies, to study the relation between the formation history of cluster galaxies and the assembly history of the cluster structure itself. We identify key differences in the large-scale structure and intracluster medium properties of each cluster. In order to assess the importance of cluster substructure and the ICM in the evolution of cluster galaxies, we examine several key indicators of the recent star-formation and assembly history of cluster galaxies. We find that galaxies in cluster MS 0451 (z = 0.54) exhibit a markedly lower incidence of recent star formation activity than galaxies in cluster Cl 0024 (z = 0.39), likely the result of starvation by the ICM. In addition, Cl 0024 members show evidence for kinematic disturbances that can be linked to the assembly of substructure.
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