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Paper: Genesis of AR NOAA10314
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 317
Authors: Morita, S.; McIntosh, S.
Abstract: In March 2003, over the space of six days, 37 (including 2 X-class) flares occurred in the newly emerged AR NOAA10314 as it evolved from a dual-dipolar configuration to an incredibly complex magnetic entity only 150 hours later. We study the evolution of the coronal structures of this young and prolific active region using SOHO/EIT 195Å and SOHO/MDI magnetogram observations. Since this active region appeared in a coronal hole, its evolution gives us various clues to understand the relation of magnetic field topology and flare activity in a relatively clean coronal environment. We find that at least 31 of the 37 events (including the 2 X-class flares) occurred along the same magnetic inversion line between the two dipoles. In this short paper assess how the numerous flares drove the topological changes in the coronal structures above active region.
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