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Paper: The Connection between Black Hole Mass and Dark Matter Halo Mass from 2QZ
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 177
Authors: Croom, S.; Fine, S.; Miller, L.; Babic, A.
Abstract: We compare the mass of super-massive black holes (MBH) in QSOs to the mass of the dark matter halos hosting them (MDH). The mass of the dark halos is estimated from the clustering of QSOs as a function of redshift from the 2dF QSO Redshift Survey (2QZ). The mass of the black holes is determined using virial estimates derived from composite QSO spectra. The derived relation between MBH and MDH is found to be consistent with recent cosmological simulations and shows no significant evidence of evolution from z = 0.5 to z = 2.5. The mean zero-point of the relation is found to be MBH = 108.40.2 M at MDH = 1012.5M. We note that the flux limited nature of most AGN samples can cause a Malmquist-type bias in the measured MBHMDH relation that depends on the intrinsic scatter in the relation.
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