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Paper: Statistical Studies on the Visible and Hidden Star Formation in the Universe
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 159
Authors: Takeuchi, T.T.; Buat, V.; Burgarella, D.; Iglesias-Paramo, J.
Abstract: We select far-infrared (60 μm) and far-ultraviolet (1530 Å) samples of nearby galaxies. We derived distributions of the bolometric luminosity of young stars in both samples: they are found to be consistent with each other for galaxies of intermediate luminosities except at the highest luminosities. The ratio of the total IR luminosity to the FUV one is found to increase with the bolometric luminosity in a similar way for both samples. The volume averaged specific star formation rate (SFR per unit galaxy stellar mass, SSFR) is found to decrease toward massive galaxies within each selection. Global trends of both samples are consistent with optical-NIR studies, but luminous and massive galaxies selected in FIR appear as active as galaxies with similar characteristics detected at z ~ 0.7.
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