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Paper: Luminosity and Stellar Mass Functions from the 6dF Galaxy Survey
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 126
Authors: Colless, M.; Jones, D.H.; Peterson, B.A.; Campbell, L.; Saunders, W.; Lah, P.
Abstract: The completed 6dF Galaxy Survey includes redshifts for over 124,000 galaxies. We present luminosity functions in optical and near-infrared passbands that span a range of 104 in luminosity. These luminosity functions show systematic deviations from the Schechter form. The corresponding luminosity densities in the optical and near-infrared are consistent with an old stellar population and a moderately declining star formation rate. Stellar mass functions, derived from the K band luminosities and simple stellar population models selected by bJ−rF colour, lead to an estimate of the present-day stellar mass density of ρ* = (5.00 � 0.11) � 108 hMMpc−3, corresponding to Ωh = (1.80 � 0.04) � 10−3.
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