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Paper: The WiggleZ Project: AAOmega and Dark Energy
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 72
Authors: Glazebrook, K.; Blake, C.; Couch, W.; Forbes, D.; Drinkwater, M.; Jurek, R.; Pimbblet, K.; Madore, B.; Martin, C.; Small, T.; Forster, K.; Colless, M.; Sharp, R.; Croom, S.; Woods, D.; Pracy, M.; Gilbank, D.; Yee, H.; Gladders, M.
Abstract: We describe the ‘WiggleZ’ spectroscopic survey of 400,000 starforming galaxies selected from a combination of GALEX ultra-violet and SDSS + RCS2 optical imaging. The fundamental goal is a detection of the baryonic acoustic oscillations in galaxy clustering at high-redshift (0.5 < z < 1) and a precise measurement of the equation of state of dark energy from this purely geometric and robust method. The survey has already started on the 3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope using the AAOmega spectrograph, and planned to complete during 2009. The WWW page for the survey can be found at
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