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Paper: Magnetic Fields and Flows in Open Magnetic Structures
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 229
Authors: Jones, H.
Abstract: Open magnetic structures connect the solar surface to the heliosphere and are thus of great interest in solar-terrestrial physics. This paper is a selective observational review of what is known about magnetic fields and outward flows in such regions with special focus on coronal holes and origins of the fast solar wind. First evidence of the connection between these two features was seen in Skylab data after the discovery of coronal holes whose solar roots are now known to be in unipolar photospheric regions. Subsequently many observations of have been made, ranging from oscillations in the underlying photosphere and chromosphere, to possible beginnings of the solar wind as observed by Doppler shifts in high chromospheric and transition-region lines, to coronagraphic time-lapse studies of outward-moving material which perhaps trace elements of solar-wind plasma. Some of the many unresolved and controversial issues regarding details of these observations and their association with the solar wind will be discussed.
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