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Paper: What does the Solar Differential Rotation tell us about Large-scale Waves?
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 83
Authors: Kaghashvilii, E.; Webb, G.; Zank, G.
Abstract: Recently, it has been suggested that the periodicities in the solar flare rates could be related to Rossby waves (Lou et al., 2003). An appearance of the Rossby waves have also been reported in the solar photosphere (Kuhn et al., 2000). In this paper, we examine the propagation properties of the Rossby waves in the solar convective zone and solar photosphere. It is shown that the differential character of the solar rotation produces latitudinal bands where Rossby wave activity is confined. The results allow us to make some predictions about the solar latitudes where the enhancements in the wave activity is expected, which can trigger solar flares.
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