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Paper: Photospheric Surface Flows and Sunspot Moats
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 41
Authors: Hagenaar, M.
Abstract: Time slices in K line observations of a sunspot using the SVST on 1994/06/14 show an obvious outward velocity flow and time slices in magnetograms show some bipolar outflowing structures. Moat flows surrounding sunspots are not simply radial but show an azimuthal “spoke” structure of 10″ to 20″, persisting for several hours. A flow map determined by local correlation tracking shows paths of convergence, also followed by bright points. Convective rolls may be the explanation of the spoke like structures. Average RMS maps of MDI HR magnetograms of sunspots on 2001/06/19 and 2003/04/09 also show spoke structures of 15″-20″.
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