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Paper: Different Types of Radio Sources and Possible Evolution of Radio Galaxies
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 301
Authors: Ohanian, Gabriel A.
Abstract: About 300 radio sources from Ooty lists (which have flux limits about 30 times fainter than that of 3C) have been observed by us at 102 MHz on the Large Phased Array (Pushchino, Russia) and on the RATAN-600 radiotelescope at 968, 2300, 3950 and 7700 MHz. We have formed the following samples of radio sources using the spectral properties of these sources: - radio sources with very steep spectra (VSS), - compact steep spectrum sources (CSS), - gigahertz peaked spectrum radio sources (GPS), - compact flat spectrum radio sources (CFS). Typical linear sizes of the above mentioned types of radio sources change from hundred kiloparsecs to less than one parsec. A comparison of optical identifications of these sources enables us to discuss a possible evolutionary scheme for radio galaxies and quasars as they grow in sizes.
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