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Paper: Compact Jets in 100 AGNs with the Strongest Broad-Band Variability of 1-22 GHz Spectra in 1997-2001
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 297
Authors: Kovalev, Yuri A.; Kovalev, Yuri Y.; Nizhelsky, N. A.; Bogdantsov, A. B.
Abstract: Results of monitoring observations at the radio telescope RATAN-600 and a model interpretation of instantaneous 1-22 GHz spectra at 6 frequencies for 100 selected AGNs are presented. Dependence of the index of variability on frequency is analyzed. The sources exhibit flux density variations of about 50 percent or more. Type of spectra evolution is similar for all selected objects, in favor of the same basic physical model. It is shown that the origin of the radio sources and the observed variability can be explained in a model with a relativistic jet of parsec scale in quasi radial magnetic field.
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