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Paper: Unveiling the Evolution of Type 1 AGNs in the IR (15 microns) - as Seen by ISO in the ELIAS-S1 Region
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 167
Authors: Matute, Israel; La Franca, F.; Gruppioni, C.; Pozzi, F.; Lari, C.
Abstract: For the first time the evolution of type 1 AGNs is derived from a complete sample selected in the IR (15 mu). This new sample comes from the ELAIS-S1 survey and is used together with the RMS catalog. The ELAIS-S1 survey covers an effective area of 2.2 sq deg down to 1mJy and 0.5 sq deg down to 0.5 mJy. Spectroscopic identifications have been carried out in the range 17 < R < 20 at the 3.6m/ESO, NTT/ESO and the 2dF at AAT. The luminosity function is steeper at bright luminosities than previous derivations (Rush, Malkan & Spinoglio, 1993), and some density evolution is visible at fainter luminosities. If Pure Luminosity Evolution is considered, the evolution is compatible with L(z) = L(z=0)*(1+z)3.3?0.2.
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