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Paper: Infrared Surveys for AGN
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 157
Authors: Smith, Harding E.
Abstract: Unified models of AGN require a dusty, molecular obscuring region (torus) which discriminates between unobscured, type 1 (Seyfert 1) AGN, viewed face-on, and obscured, type 2 (Sy2) AGN viewed edge-on. Active star formation is a frequent companion to AGN activity. Models for the X-ray background can successfully recover the XRB slope if there exists a substantial population of highly obscured, even Compton-thick AGN, with a relative fraction that increases with redshift. Evidence for highly obscured AGN and QSOs comes from IRAS, ISO, 2MASS, hard X-ray surveys, the FIRST radio survey and the DPOSS. Surveys with SIRTF (SWIRE) will provide a definitive answer.
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