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Paper: On the Dynamics of Clusters of Galaxies in the Expanding Universe
Volume: 316, Order and Chaos in Stellar and Planetary Systems
Page: 284
Authors: Kozhanov, T.S.
Abstract: We investigated dynamical evolution of gravitationally bound system on the background of smoothed and isotropically expanding unified two-component cosmological substratum. The equation of state of the system is similar to that of radiation (neutrinos) with pressure p = ρrc2/3 and dark matter with zero pressure. The equation describing the behavior of bound systems has been obtained. It is shown that the possible expansion of clusters or superclusters of galaxies depends on the relation between the density of dark matter and the density of radiation. It was also revealed that the expansion of these systems depends also on the ratio of the density of dark matter at zero pressure and the density of central condensation. The results can be applied to the models of early evolution of inhomogeneous structure of the Universe.
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