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Paper: Probable Associations of BL Lac Objects with Zwicky and Abell Clusters
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 106
Authors: Torosyan, Ofelia Kh.
Abstract: The results of investigation of probable associations for 266 BL Lac objects with the Zwicky clusters and with the complete catalogue of Abell clusters (4076 clusters of all sky) are presented. From results of this work, as well as from the observational results obtained by many other authors it may be concluded, that for nearest lacertides (Z * 0.3): there aren?t preferential positions for this objects not only in the space, but also in clusters, relative to their centers in spite of that on the whole they are giants or supergiants E or S0 morphological types. It seems that the Radio-Loudness of this objects may be caused, that there are dominant members in those systems parts of which they are the BL Lac type objects may be in the centers of the clusters, or on the different distances from the centers of clusters as a dominant members by E or S0 morphological types in small groups of galaxies, or in the field, may be with the same probability.
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