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Paper: The New BL Lac Candidaties from the FBS
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 103
Authors: Torosyan, Ofelia Kh.
Abstract: The optical spectra of BL Lac objects are the most distinguishable characteristic for them. But there are only ten objects classified as BL Lac objects from optical surveys. Three of them are the well known Markarian galaxies from FBS (First Byurakan Survey) and two candidates of BL Lacs - from SBS (Second Byurakan Survey). The fundamental part of them are selected from radio or X-Ray surveys and are called RBL and XBL. The number of BL Lac objects are increasing now by tens or hundreds on account of X-Ray sources. The Markarian galaxies are the type of extragalactic objects having the most typical characteristics of BL Lacs. The completeness of BL Lacs is estimated by the well known relation: lg N(mv) = 0.6 mv + C The inclination of this relation is about 0.57 for brighter objects (mv=16.0) and only 0.3 for the objects with 16.0=mv=17.0 in the regions of FBS survey: the number of BL Lacs is less than 27% from expected numbers in this part of the sky. The list of new possible candidates of BL Lacs was selected on the basis of the most important and necessary characteristics for these objects from the catalog of Markarian galaxies. The list of nine Markarian galaxies from the 103 possible candidates of BL Lacs is presented in this work, three of them are well known BL Lacs - Mkn 180, Mkn 421, Mkn 501, and one candidate of RBL - Mkn 514 was classified as candidate of BL Lacs by the authors of the Radiosurvey of Markarian galaxies in 1989.
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