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Paper: Comparison of ELG and UV Galaxies from the SBS Survey
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 94
Authors: Gyulzadian, Marieta V.
Abstract: This paper discusses the optical spectroscopic properties and comparison of the emission line galaxies (ELG) and galaxies with UV-excess (UV galaxies) from the Second Byurakan Survey (SBS). 155 galaxies spectra have been examined over the wavelength range 3500-57A. These objects are expected to be very rare, representing the possible ?tail? of the epoch of galaxy formation, or, rather, accidental ?secondary? galaxy formation from ultimate primeval material clouds at last submitted to astration because of interactive processes triggering coalescence into protogalaxies (G.Comte, 1998, Astrofizika, 41, 138). We investigate the relation between the observed emission-line widths, relative line intensity, the blue continuum colorant continuum properties for these galaxies. This includes investigating correlation between the various lines. We find anticorrelation between the equivalent width for the Hb and EW[OIII]/EW(Hb); EW[OIII] and EW[OIII]/EW(Hb). Anticorrelation for [OIII]/Hb and C3727-C4861 is also present. We find no correlation between a and relative intensive lines. There is faint correlation between a3727-4861 and C3727-C4861.
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