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Paper: Objective Prism Emission-Line Searches for Active Galactic Nuclei
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 43
Authors: Gronwall, Caryl; Sarajedini, V. L.; Salzer, J. J.
Abstract: Objective-prism surveys for UV-excess and emission-line galaxies, especially the First and Second Byurakan Surveys, have been central to the study of active galactic nuclei (AGN). In this talk, I will review previous line-selected surveys for AGN and discuss their contribution to our understanding of the AGN phenomena. In addition, I will present results from the KPNO International Spectroscopic Survey, a modern all-digital objective-prism survey for emission line objects. This survey is discovering substantial numbers of new AGNs, in particular low-luminosity AGNs and LINERS.
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