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Paper: The Starburst Galaxy NGC 4631: a Case for Supergalactic Wind?
Volume: 282, Galaxies: The Third Dimension
Page: 338
Authors: Melo, V.; Muñoz-Tuñón, C.
Abstract: We are studying a sample of isolated spiral galaxies which present a nuclear startburst. The final aim is to establish whether or not the galaxy is into the supergalactic wind phase. Our plan is also to identify possible mechanisms able to confine the energetic into small areas (The apex of the cones) in the galactic discs. For the study we are analyzing observations taken with the Fabry-Perot TAURUS, at Roque de los Muchachos Observatory. We have a sample of 14 galaxies. The data are to be complemented with optical, infrared and X rays observations. In this contribution we present preliminary work on the galaxy NGC 4631. Recently X-rays observations from CHANDRA have put into evidence the escaping of hot gas from the disc into the halo. We are analyzing TAURUS data and narrow band imaging, with the objective of find proofs of this flux of material, and follow the trace of the swept ISM, which should be spatially associated to the hot material boundaries.
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