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Paper: Dynamics and Central Black Hole of NGC 3377 Based on Sauron and Oasis 2D Spectroscopic Observations
Volume: 282, Galaxies: The Third Dimension
Page: 201
Authors: Copin, Y.; Cretton, N.; Emsellem, E.; Bacon, R.; Davies, R.; de Zeeuw, T.
Abstract: We have constrained the central black hole mass and dynamical structure of the E6 galaxy NGC 3377, using axisymmetric dynamical models based on Schwarzschild's orbit method. These models fit simultaneously two sets of 2D-kinematic constraints: i) 475 SAURON spectra, covering the inner 41" x 33" at a spatial resolution of 0.95" and ii) 153 OASIS spectra, covering the inner 4" x 2" at 0.25" resolution. The large radii constraints of SAURON help to fix the dynamical structure of NGC 3377's main body, whereas the higher resolution data from OASIS pin down the black hole mass. I will also describe what kind of improvement in the models is needed to satisfy the increased number of data (compared to the "classical" long-slit spectroscopy).
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