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Paper: Star Cluster Candidates in NGC 4236
Volume: 282, Galaxies: The Third Dimension
Page: 96
Authors: Kurtev, R.; Borissova, J.; Rosado, M.; Georgiev, L.; Richer, M. G.; Valdez-GutiƩrrez, M.
Abstract: NGC4236 is a SbdIV galaxy that Holmberg (1950) placed just outside the border of M81 Group. Since it is not affected by high reddening E(b-v) = 0.23 mag, according to the Tihkonov et al (1991) it somewhat surprising that the only photometric study for this galaxy available in the literature seems to be the photographic one provided by Tihkonov et al (1991). On the basis of ground-based images , taken with 2-m Bulgarian telescope we re-determine the mean reddening and distance of the NGC 4236 using brightest blue stars. We have selected twenty eight stars cluster candidates, using various methods: color-magnitude diagrams, color-color diagram, visual inspection of the object images and point spread function subtraction. The ages of cluster candidates cover the range between 20 and 400 Myr. Three clusters are found to be very young - 5-8 Myr and massive and they are surrounded by clouds of gas. A possible formation mechanisms are discussed.
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