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Paper: Sgr A* and Sgr A East: Intimate Life in the Galactic Center
Volume: 282, Galaxies: The Third Dimension
Page: 82
Authors: Plewa, T.; Różyczka, M.
Abstract: A hydrodynamic interaction between an old supernova remnant and a massive black hole is studied with help of a high-resolution adaptive mesh refinement code. A series of multidimensional numerical models is obtained for a fixed distance between supernova explosion site and the black hole but different densities of the ambient medium. The interaction between forward supernova shell and the black hole results in a rapid increase of the emission of the region surrounding the central object. Light curves and ionizing spectra of the heated gas are obtained assuming optically thin conditions. It is shown that the position of a high-energy cutoff in the spectrum, duration of the event, and the peak luminosity of the central region critically depend on the density of the ambient medium. The model is applied to the data obtained by the Chandra satellite for the Galactic Center (Maeda et al., astro-ph/0102183).
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