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Paper: From Urania to the Astronomical Virtual Observatory (AVO)
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 441
Authors: Eichhorn, Guenther; Kurtz, Michael J.
Abstract: The astronomical community in the last decade has built a system of interlinked data centers that is unique among the sciences. This system has been called Urania. It is composed of the closely integrated operations of the ADS, CDS, NED, the Data and Archive Centers, and the Journals. It began functioning in 1993 with the ability to make joint queries to the ADS and the SIMBAD database at the CDS. It now provides the user with a tightly integrated web of information links. We believe that the continuous expansion and strengthening of the indexing centers in Urania (ADS, CDS, NED) along with similar indexing efforts at the data and archive centers will be a key requirement for the success of the transition from the current system to a fully integrated AVO.
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