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Paper: Determination of Orbital Parameters of Interacting Galaxies Using Evolution Strategies
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 409
Authors: Gomez, Juan Carlos; Fuentes, Olac; Puerari, Ivanio
Abstract: In this work a new method to estimate the orbital parameters of a pair of interacting galaxies is presented. The solution to this problem is divided into two parts: dynamical modelling (simulations) of the system of two galaxies, and estimation of orbital parameters. Finding the orbital parameters that best match the results of the simulation is done by posing it as an optimization problem and solving it using Evolution Strategies, a stochastic optimization algorithm closely related to the well-known Genetic Algorithms, but much better suited to work in continuous parameter spaces. We present experimental results using synthetic data showing that our method can determine the orbital parameters of interacting galaxies very accurately.
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