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Paper: BIMA Data Reduction Tools in AIPS++
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 294
Authors: Mehringer, David M.; Plante, Raymond L.; Ravlin, Harold
Abstract: We are developing a group of tools in AIPS++ (Astronomical Information Processing System) for processing of BIMA (Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Association) Array data. These tools are being vertically integrated into the system. The highest level tools will manage multiple uv-datasets. They will allow end-to-end processing (filling, editing, calibration, imaging, etc.) of BIMA data. A requirement of these tools is that they be easy to use and robust both interactively (by end users) and non-interactively (e.g., for automated processing by the BIMA Image Pipeline that will create and archive first order images from the Array). They also must be fairly intuitive to use for astronomers who have been accustomed to processing BIMA data in MIRIAD.
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