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Paper: Simulating the Performance of Large Format Sub-mm Focal-plane Arrays
Volume: 278, NAIC-NRAO School on Single-dish Radio Astronomy: Techniques and Applications
Page: 515
Authors: Chapin, Edward; Hughes, David H.
Abstract: A robust measurement of the clustering amplitude of the sub-mm population of starburst galaxies requires large-area surveys (>> 1 deg2). Since even the largest-format arrays subtend only 10 arcmin2 on the sky then scan-mapping is a necessary observing mode. Providing realistic representations of the extragalactic sky and atmosphere, as the input to a detailed simulator of the telescope and instrument performance, allows important decisions to be made about the design of large-area fully-sampled surveys and observing strategies. Our simulations include detector noise, time-constants and array geometry, telescope pointing errors, scan speeds and scanning angles, sky noise and sky rotation.
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