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Paper: Short-Spacings Correction from the Single-Dish Perspective
Volume: 278, NAIC-NRAO School on Single-dish Radio Astronomy: Techniques and Applications
Page: 375
Authors: Stanimirovic, Snezana
Abstract: While, in general, interferometers provide high spatial resolution for imaging small-scale structure (corresponding to high spatial frequencies in the Fourier plane), single-dishes can be used to image the largest spatial scales (corresponding to the lowest spatial frequencies), including the total power (corresponding to zero spatial frequency). For many astrophysical studies, it is essential to bring `both worlds' together by combining information over a wide range of spatial frequencies. This lecture demonstrates the effects of missing short-spacings, and discusses two main issues: (a) how to provide missing short-spacings to interferometric data, and (b) how to combine short-spacing single-dish data with those from an interferometer.
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