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Paper: Reduction and Analysis Techniques
Volume: 278, NAIC-NRAO School on Single-dish Radio Astronomy: Techniques and Applications
Page: 329
Authors: Maddalena, Ronald J.
Abstract: Single-dish observations can be made in myriad of ways with each observing technique almost always requiring different kinds of data analysis. This chapter will cover the basic continuum and spectral line analysis algorithms common to all single-dish data analysis packages. However, I will not cover the very specialized fields of polarimetry, pulsar, or radar data reduction. In the case of continuum observations the student will learn the steps used to derive the flux of a point source as well as the more common data analysis techniques for generating and analyzing maps of extended sources. For spectral line data, I will concentrate on the analysis algorithms usually applied to single spectra (bandpass and velocity calibration, data averaging and smoothing, baseline fitting, component fitting,...) and how to produce and analyze spectral-line data cubes.
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