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Paper: Continuum 2: Specific Applications
Volume: 278, NAIC-NRAO School on Single-dish Radio Astronomy: Techniques and Applications
Page: 173
Authors: Salter, C. J.
Abstract: Following the previous lecture on the ``General Aspects of Continuum Observing'', this presentation attempts to address some of the more specific aspects of the discipline. In particular, a few thoughts on living with radio frequency interference as a continuum observer are presented. Then, following up the conjecture of the previous lecture that continuum mapping at centimeter and shorter wavelengths faces a likely period of growth, much of the rest of the lecture is dedicated to the problem of overcoming the negative effects of fluctuating atmospheric emission on high-frequency continuum imaging. In conclusion, some remarks are made concerning the inter-comparison of single-dish continuum images. These remarks also apply to comparing continuum distributions with other forms of astronomical information, such as spectral-line data cubes, infra-red, optical and X-ray images.
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