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Paper: Orientation of AMP-Orbits of Pulkovo Programme Binary Stars in the Galaxy Coordinate Frame
Volume: 316, Order and Chaos in Stellar and Planetary Systems
Page: 250
Authors: Kisselev, A.A.; Romanenko, L.G.
Abstract: The orientation of orbits of 30 binaries obtained at Pulkovo by the apparent motion parameters (AMP) method is determined. The distributions of orbital plane poles and periastron directions in the Galaxy coordinate frame are analyzed. It's shown that generally the distributions obtained do not contradict the accidental case. At the same time the orbit's planes for the wide binaries (with orbital period over 1000 years) mostly tend to have a steep inclination to the Galactic plane and their periastron axes are directed towards the Galactic Centre. This tendency is more evident for the wide double star orbits with the eccentricity exceeding 0.7.
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