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Paper: The Low-Energy Spectral Response of the ACIS CCDs
Volume: 262, The High Energy Universe at Sharp Focus: Chandra Science
Page: 391
Authors: Plucinsky, P. P.; Edgar, R. J.; Virani, S. N.; Townsley, L. K.; Broos, P. S.
Abstract: The calibration of the spectral response of the ACIS CCDs below 1.5 keV is difficult because of the lack of strong lines in the calibration source on-board the Chandra X-ray Observatory. We have been using 1E0102-72.3 (the brightest SNR in the SMC) to evaluate the ACIS response matrices, since this remnant has strong lines of O, Ne and Mg below 1.5 keV. The spectrum of 1E0102-72.3 has been well-characterized by the gratings on Chandra and XMM. We have used the high-resolution spectral data from both gratings instruments to develop a spectral model for the CCD spectra. Fits with this model are very sensitive at detecting any difficulties with the gain calibration of the instrument. We will present fits to the latest CXC-released matrices for the S3 CCD. We will compare these results to fits done on CTI-corrected data with associated, CTI-corrected response matrices using the SW developed at Penn State. We will also present fits to 1E0102-72.3 for the FI CCDs using the Penn State CTI correction technique. The fits to the FI CCDs will demonstrate the utility of the FI CCDs for spectral analysis, in spite of the radiation damage the devices suffered early in the mission.
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